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Two in Marianna, FL

There is a pair of potential A-A candidates in Marianna, Florida. At least there was; I’m uncertain of hurricane damage. First Baptist and First Methodist can be seen in this aerial view of Clinton Street.

Methodist Episcopal Church, Marianna, FL

Baptist Church, Marianna, FL

The radial inner elevation of the UMC building is very “Akron” but the Greek Cross/Neo-Classical building occupied by the Baptists, maybe not so much. Additional investigation is warranted.

Christian Church, Charleston, IL

We already have an M.E. church in Charleston. Here is its Christian (Disciples of Christ) counterpart. The double gables on the right hand street elevation connote an auditorium and a wing for religious education. It also happens to be a solid Midwestern interpretation of the Richardsonian Romanesque—often quite far from the spirit of Richardson’s own work but charming nonetheless.

Methodist Episcopal Church, Leola, PA

At the typical American corner of Main and Maple in Leola, Pennsylvania, you will still find this Methodist Episcopal (now UMC) church. Its Gothic Revival façade and nearly book-matched street elevations are very characteristic elements of an A-A church, while the slight bulge on the left hints at the Sunday school wing. One of the very “American” things buildings like this accomplish in the streetscape is holding the corner: the corner tower anchors the site and, often with other similar buildings, frames the one-point perspective down the street’s length.

San Dimas, CA

Until this morning I honestly thought San Dimas was the fictional home of Bill and Ted and the basis for their “Excellent Adventure.” Well, it turned out to be real and, in addition, to have a couple very interesting churches. One showed up as a postcard; the other while I was trying to find information about the first.

Baptist Church, San Dimas, CA

Methodist Episcopal Church, San Dimas, CA

A but more sleuthing will tell whether either of these are A-A.

Baptist Church, Donna, TX

This Progressive style Baptist church is in Donna, Texas, a suburb of McAllen and nearly on the Rio Grande. Sorry for the watermark; I’ve bought this card on-line and I’m using the image posted there until the actual card arrives.

Methodist Episcopal Church, Enid, OK

The domed building with eccentric polygonal Sunday school is a frequent type, in my experience. This one is remarkable as a construction shot. Built in 1909, it has been replaced by something equally remarkable:

Methodist Episcopal Church, Libertyville, IL

As a kid we drove through Libertyville a few times, always on the way to Wisconsin. I recall it as a relatively new town with little that could be considered “historic” architecture. My virtual visit tonight confirms that recollection: if this building had been built there, it is long gone.

The corner tower (which is not an entry), book-matched gables and entries, all beneath a great hovering pyramidal roof makes me wonder what is hiding around that corner.

They really don’t you to get in, do they.