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Westminster Presbyterian Church, Piqua, OH

Whatever is going on at Piqua’s Westminster Presbyterian church is a mystery, if these conflicting interior images are to be believed. Those are plainly not the same altars; neither are the balconies. And one of these clearly shows an adjacent Akron-type auxiliary space, which is missing from the other. The aerial view on google.maps only adds to my confusion.

Church of the Brethren, Covington, OH

The Evangelical United Brethren is one of several denominations that joined forces in the 1950s as the United Methodist Church. This congregation in Covington, Ohio still carries the “Church of the Brethren” name. The building at Wright and Wall streets appears far better on The interior is a mystery, for the time being.


The variety of “evidence” that I’ve used is narrow: primarily postcard images (from eBay) and focussed searches on google (both images and maps). Today brought another bit of material culture to my attention. Here is a paper weight incorporating what was probably a trimmed real photo postcard.

The College Hill Presbyterian church was already in the database because of an actual postcard.

Two ME’s

Harvard-Epworth UMC, Cambridge, MA

Trinity UMC, New Britain, CT

Do I even need to comment?

Presbyterian Church, New Boston, NH

Presbyterian Church, Interior / New Boston, NH

See what I mean?

Presbyterian Church, Creston, OH

Probably not an A-A church. But WTF!

Still there, by the way, on Main Street, south of Jackson Road.

Methodist Episcopal Church, Mentor, OH

The eBay seller thinks this card is gold — way out of my price range. But there are few clearer examples of an A-A church. Unless the principal axis goes all wonky, this is a C-1 in an interesting variation of the Gothic Revival.