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First M.E. Church, Shenandoah, IA

November 9, 2013


Another view of First Methodist in Shenandoah from my collection. Typically, I will refer to these buildings by their original titles. “M.E.” for example stood for Methodist Episcopal, which has only one thing in common with the Protestant Episcopal church: the governance of bishops. Some time in the 1950s, the Methodist Episcopal denomination (already long separated from their Southern confreres by the Civil War and a major reason why the Akron-Auditorium type was late coming to the South) merged with the Evangelical United Brethren; that’s where the “United” comes from in today’s UMC, i.e., United Methodist Church.

I do not need to see inside this building to feel confident that it is an A-1, B-1 or C-1 type from my A-A matrix.

  1. Joanne Yeck permalink

    Many thanks for your post about the M. E. Church in Shenandoah, Iowa.

    I just learned that my grandfather, Milan Sanger, contributed to the brickwork on the building. It is wonderful to see the building under construction!

    The Leon reporter., September 29, 1910, p. 6: “Milan Sanger, who is laying pressed brick on the new $80,000 M. E. church at Shenandoah, came home Friday evening and visited over Sunday, work being suspended on the building on account of the rain.”

    Joanne Yeck

    • Thanks, Joanne. Personal stories like yours are few and far between. I appreciate you sharing it with me.

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