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Central Presbyterian Church, Newark, NJ

December 14, 2013


This church is new to me, but I’ll bet breakfast at Tiffany’s that it’s an Akron-Auditorium church.

For me there are three giveaway hints: 1) between the pyramidal entry tower roof and the main gable, you’ll note a small polygonal (probably octagonal) lantern peeking through between them. Located back that far along the ridge, it would have afforded little dramatic lighting for the sanctuary, so probably has more to do with the Sunday School. And, 2) notice the two stacked windows at the far left, just beyond the buttress, with its diamond-ornamented spandrel. That’s a sure sign of stacked Sunday School rooms or, more likely, alcoves off the large central assembly space for what was called the “opening exercise”. And at the extreme left of the building there is another two-stepped buttress and above it the side of a gabled dormer. Look at the angle between it and the dormer that shows more prominently and you’ll undestand that the angle between their ridges is about 45 degrees, another hint that the left end of the church is also octagonal in configuration, echoing the lantern and also logical for the radial organization of an entire Sunday School.

I rest my case.

One Comment
  1. Just looked this baby up on and damn, I’m good. You’ll find this on a wedge of property at the intersection of Madison and Clinton avenues with Irvine Turner Boulevard.

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