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First Baptist Church, Nashville, GA

January 3, 2014


With little appreciation for The South, its culture or climate—I’m content in places that are cold and dry—I was mistaken in my assessment of how much evidence there might be in places like Louisiana and Georgia of such a Yankee notion as the Akron-Auditorium church. There was Chattanooga architect R. H. Hunt and Texan James Flanders (who was a transplanted Yankee from Chicago) but very few examples other than theirs that I could ferret out. Perhaps it was a function of the postcard phenomenon on which I had come to depend: happily the wave of enthusiasm for the A-A type coincided with the popularity of the penny postcard, and for those eBay had become my source of supply.

Frankly I had though eBay was played out as a font of new postcard-based information. But lately that has proven to be untrue. First Baptist in Nashville, Georgia showed up this week, for example, and it has served to reanimate my curiosity about Dixie. Though the architect is as yet unidentified, Nashville’s First Baptist was built in 1916 and looks to be in mint condition, still serving its community. Except for the scent of magnolias, there are examples of virtually this same configuration in Chicago and elsewhere across my neck of the woods.


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