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Christian Church, Mount Carmel, IL

June 11, 2014


The A-A church study has been interesting and informative in many ways, not the least having been the ability of some denominations and their architects to think outside the box. Indeed, several of these denominations were never in the box to begin with, since they formed/coalesced/splintered during the 19th century and may never have enjoyed the burden of tradition. The Christian Church (better known as the Disciples of Christ) was one such body. Read their history for a genealogy of mergers throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries.

I have often wondered how the interior of this church in Mount Carmel, Illinois is configured, since the sanctuary could conceivably be twice as wide as it is deep, the absolute antithesis of longitudinal-liturgical plans imagined by Roman Catholics and Anglicans, among others. The obvious parallel would be North Presbyterian Church in Cleveland, OH, though I suspect the interiors are quite different.  This printed card is not clear enough to read a construction date on the cornerstone.

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