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Baptist Church, Washington, IN

June 18, 2014

Image Still standing at Walnut and N.E. First Street, Washington’s First Baptist Church is of a type that is more “civic” than “religious” in character. Change the inscription above either of the doors and this could easily be a Masonic or A.O.U.W. lodge as a church for Baptists. Located in the squiggly southern part of Indiana, yet it is a Northern (i.e., American) Baptist congregation. This building may not suit your aesthetic. But if you find it questionable, take a look at a “big box” Baptist 24/7 church in Hammond, Indiana, in the distant suburbs of Chicago and adjust your scale of values. I’m reminded of Rayner Banham’s assessment (with which I do not agree) of the new Coventry Cathedral by Sir Basil Spence: “A gosh-awful ring-a-ding God box!” eyesore_201208

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