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Presbyterian Church, Minto, ND

July 13, 2014


Knox Presbyterian church exists in Minto, but in a form you’ll scarcely recognize. The octagonal tower is gone; a carbuncular entry vestibule protrudes; and most of the Carpenter Gothic trim has been stripped away—or rotted. Strictly speaking, this would have been the simplest possible version of the A-A: a sanctuary with attached multi-purpose room, for ming an “L”, with the entry placed in the re-entrant angle.

The carpenter-builders who constructed buildings like this often worked form pattern books, most of which disintegrated from use. But designs also came from central authorities in many denominations. The Methodists, for example, had an organization with the questionable name of “Board of Church Erections”.


Incidentally, I bought this postcard on eBay from a dealer named “dieseldave” who is our friend Dave Pence, from Minot originally but now living in the Illinois suburbs of St. Louis.

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