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First Presbyterian Church, Fargo, ND

July 14, 2014

First Presbyterian Church, Fargo, N.D

Fargo’s Presbyterians have had three successive places to worship. Oddly, #1 and #3 survive (the earliest building relocated to another site and become an apartment house!), but #2 was demolished in the early 1920s to make room for the Federal Building. I’m interested in that building just now because it had been built in 1905 from the plans of architect Milton Earl Beebe, who has a special attraction for me, as some of you may know.

This postcard (image borrowed from a commercial website without permission, but I have the same card somewhere) shows the 1905 building at the corner of  First Avenue North and what used to be 7th Street, until that right-of-way was vacated for the recent extension of the courthouse.That’s when the Presbyterians moved a block north to face the Post Office in their handsome Collegiate Gothic building by Toltz, King & Day. But looking at this postcard image again, I notice at its east end (far right) that there is the telltale window configuration of an Akron Sunday School. Sometimes you just have to look at something familiar with fresh eyes.

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