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Summerfield Methodist Episcopal Church, Milwaukee, WI

September 24, 2014


Family resemblance? I think so.




There seem to be a number of Methodist churches named “Summerfield,” so I’d better figure out who he/she was. In the meantime, enjoy the family resemblance among these three churchs in Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa, all done by the same architect. The Wisconsin version was built in 1904.

PS[06NOV2017]: Lucky to find these two images of plans for Summerfield UMC, now firmly established as a C-1 type.


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  1. Mark Latus permalink

    Another one appears to be Kountze Memorial Lutheran, Omaha, NE. Check google images under that name. Virtual duplicate of Summerfield in Milwaukee. Visually satisfying and well-preserved interior. Wikipedia notes the congregation was part of the General Synod which was more flexible and ecumenical than other Lutheran bodies of the time. As a result, this congregation was likely open to the A-A approach. It would be interesting to find out who the architect(s) were.

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