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United Brethren Church, Defiance, OH

October 17, 2014

Scavenging for church images is always a minor education in Protestant church history, since there are so many divisions of Christianity, far beyond the simple division into Catholic and Protestant. If only it were as easy as Islam, where Sunni and Shia are so clearly self-delineated.

Since Methodism has provided the mother lode of examples, it’s worth mentioning that the current United Methodist church is made up of several merged denominations (among whom, by the way, you will not find Southern Methodists). The word “United” in the UMC comes from the Evangelical United Brethren (not to be confused with the Church of the United Brethren, but I knew you wouldn’t fall into that easy trap). The family tree of Christianity is riddled with divorce and remarriage, sad to say. So, when I searched for this church in Defiance, Ohio, it wasn’t surprising that it is Trinity UMC today. I like it’s simple architectural statement, though I’m unable to say with assurance that an Akron Sunday School is lurking in there somewhere. I hope a few well-placed emails will help.


413 East Second Street, Defiance, OH   43512

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