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First Baptist Church, Brockton, MA

January 30, 2015


This former Baptist Church at Brockton, Massachusetts still stands at 199 Warren Avenue and is currently the home of Brockton’s Assembly of God congregation. The cornerstone was laid in 1908 and construction was probably complete the following year from the design of Boston architect J. Williams Beal (1855-1919). Yet not too distant in Providence, Rhode Island is Calvary Baptist Church, which sources attribute to the better known Sidney Rose Badgley in 1905.¹ What think you? Could Beal have imitated Badgley? The massing and, presumably, interior organization is nearly identical.

Calvary Baptist Church Providence, RI

Brockton’s auditorium accommodated 1475 and wrapped them around the pulpit, beneath a dramatic lantern whose cupola extends 112 feet above the street.


A full-blown Akron-style Sunday School opened into the sanctuary through high movable doors. It will be interesting to learn if these are still operable.

¹ The Providence church’s chapel (on the left in the postcard view) was built from plans by Badgley alone in 1897; the larger sanctuary of 1905-1906 is credited to Badgley and Arthur Hill, presumably a local associate. Frankly, I prefer the masonry and detailing of the Brockton knockoff.

Update [25 JAN 2017]: Here’s another RPPC view that is much better:


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