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Wesley United Methodist Church, Vinton, IA

February 9, 2015


Still located at 516 Second Avenue, Vinton’s Methodist church remains essentially intact. Only the Sunday School wing has been enlarges and (I’m guessing) its original Akron configuration brought up to current standards for religious education. Their website is silent on parish history.

PS [23July2018]: In addition to being an exemplary A-A church, the Methodist building in Vinton has at least one additional claim to fame: In September 1925, Myrtle Underwood cook (age 51) was murdered at her home in Vinton, shot through a window by cover of darkness. Mrs Cook was a high official in the Iowa contingent of the W.C.T.U. and also a member of the KKK. Her murder remains one of Iowa’s unsolved crimes.

The funeral was much to large for the Christian church, of which was a member, so the Methodist church was made available by a new pastor who was unaware of Mrs Cook’s affiliations. The funeral was attended by Anna Adams Gordon, national president of the WCTU, who wore her WCTU regalia embroidered with Klan symbols as well. The service was conducted by Rev A. A. Wright, another noted Klan member, and Mrs Cook was escorted to her grave by one hundred robed and hooded Klan members for one of the largest KKK events in Iowa history.

I jsutthought you’d like to know.

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