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First English Lutheran Church, Mansfield, OH

May 22, 2015


Sorry for the DSAP watermark. This card is up for auction on eBay where sellers often add this to avoid people like me simply ripping off the image. Wish me luck.

The point, of course, is to make a point about Lutherans and the Akron-Auditorium Plan: Lutherans come in a wide variety with equally diverse attitudes about architecture. Many in my part of the country—the upper Midwest—are of Scandinavian heritage and seem to have preferred longitudinal plans of a more or less liturgical sort. Ohio, however, was settled by German and English Lutherans who were far more inclined toward the A-A. Witness the First English Lutheran church of Mansfield, OH, built in 1891—architect unidentified.

Notice the slim gap in the balcony rail on the right, where the movable partition could divide the Sunday School (where the photographer is standing) from the sanctuary beyond. This is a classic A-1 type from my matrix, implied by the exterior massing. Take a look on at 53 Park Avenue West.

Recently added another postcard view (below) and an aerial view confirming the interior configuration.

OHmansfield EngLuth engluth

And also an exterior view:


PS: UPDATE [06JUL2017]: This travel and tourism site tells a wonderful tale about First English Lutheran,

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