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Swedish Mission Tabernacle Church, Chicago, IL

May 25, 2015


Early in this project I was disappointed that Chicago appeared to have so few buildings to contribute to my growing database. I was wrong.

Yes, Chicago lack A-A churches by familiar names—architects who had shown up so prominently in the early stages of the project. But gradually, almost exclusively from random postcards, Chicago’s A-A treasures are coming out of the shadows of my knee-jerk research methods. It’s likely that the Swedish Mission Tabernacle isn’t A-A but it certainly must have a worthy auditorium.

It still stands at 62nd and Langley as Langley Avenue Church of God. I’d call the style Edwardian.

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  1. Karl permalink

    I have 2 old pictures of the interior of this church – one from Christmas 1925, and another from Christmas 1931. I would be happy to share them with you. Karl 602 866-7070 Email:

    • Hello, Karl:

      Pardon the familiarity but I’m so happy to find additional information about this most interesting building. At this point I don’t yet have a publisher and haven’t decided which of the more than 2,000 in the database will be illustrated. As a native Chicagoan myself, I have an obvious prejudice.

      Thanks again for your kind offer of assistance to a project that has gone on (and on) far too long. It’s time for closure!


      Ron Ramsay

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