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Presbyterian Church, Central City, NE

July 28, 2015


Central City’s Presbyterian church website tells us that the congregation is alive and well, but very little about the building or its history. So I’ve had to guess—I’m getting pretty good at that—about its status as an A-A church and what type we might expect to find within. Around the left-hand corner (out of sight in this view) the Sunday School forms a semi-circle, but I’ve found that interior sanctuaries often deviate from the formal symmetry of the outside.

You’ll find this building at the southeast corner of 17th Avenue and 18th Street.

PS [25March2016]: The web of architectural connection is truly remarkable. Searching this evening for other information, I discovered both an interior view of the Central City church but also the identity of its architects, Berlinghof & Davis. The junior partner was unknown to me, but George Berlinghof’s several partnerships include a brief association with William A. Wells, Kansas-born Chicago-educated architect who subsequently settled in Oklahoma City, where he designed several buildings with ornament in the style of Louis Sullivan.

Much earlier in his career, Berlinghof had also partnered with Charles E. Bell, whose later career is intensely interesting to me in a different context.

Oh, and here’s the interior I mentioned:


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