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Methodist Episcopal Church, Forest Grove, OR

September 13, 2015

ORforestgroveMEThis period real photo card suggests an A-A plan, but more research will have to be done. The sanctuary at the left seems to be balanced by smaller educational spaces on the right (inferred from the group of smaller windows on the overexposed right elevation). The style, a sort of Spanish Colonial, is unusual in the Midwest but more common on the Great Plains and in the Pacific Coast states.

UPDATE: Another postcard image has joined the one above and encouraged me to do more on-line research. Forest Grove’s Methodists have built a much newer facility but the Spanish Colonial building shown here was sold to the Church of Christ, who continue to occupy it today at the corner of 18th and Birch. A Forest Grove history website provides more information:

On March 12, 1911 the building in discussion here was dedicated. It had been built at a cost of $17,500. // The original style chosen for the structure was Spanish Colonial, or Mission Style, which included corvilinear [sic] gabled ends and a stucco finish. In 1943-44 alterations were needed to be made due to dry rot beneath the surface. As a result of this the handsome gabled ends were changed to the standard medium pitch and the stucco was replaced by sawn cedar shakes. Today the most notable architectural feature is the original stained glass windows which depict various biblical themes and symbols.

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