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Second Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR

November 5, 2015


It is difficult to believe that this amazing masonry pile stood for a little more than forty years. Second Baptist Church was built at the corner of Seventh and Scott streets in 1910 but torn down some time in the 1950s for an even larger complex. There is no certainty that this was an A-A building, however, though by that point southern states had begun to accept what was a Yankee invention.

The two-story extension at the rear was probably the Sunday School; I’m hopeful that a movable partition allowed it to join the auditorium.

…And then I found this amazingly sharp 8-by-10 black-and-white photograph that knocks the postcard right out of the water:


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  1. Where did you get the photograph! Really cool…

    • Hi, Ruth. This is a postcard view I bought on eBay. Postcards provide far more than half the examples in our database.

      • Manon Wilson permalink

        Thank you! I am working on a historical mapping project for Little Rock and this building might be in our future study area. If so, would you be willing to let us use it? We would give you credit in the photo credit spot. Regardless, this is a great find for you!

  2. Surely. Use it for the study and do think about sharing some of your results with our project. There is never enough information.

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