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First Methodist Episcopal Church, Bowling Green, OH

December 1, 2015


Why do I continue to think of this building having been in Kentucky?

First Methodist Church in Bowling Green has relocated to the suburbs—no doubt following its congregation—with no evidence that the earlier building shown in this postcard has survived. I have other cards showing the prominent lantern where this view shows a flattened pyramidal roof. That lantern and the polygonal appendage at the right front, plus the Ohio location in the market area of Cincinnati suggest that the architects probably included at least one of the following: Crapsey, Brown, Lamm, Burton, or Davis. Each of these Ohio architects were associated with the rise and popularity of the Akron-Auditorium, working in a succession of partnerships, if memory serves:

  • Crapsey & Brown
  • Crapsey & Lamm
  • Brown & Davis
  • Brown, Burton & Davis

Radiating outward from Cincinnati and with a branch office in Chicago (for BB&D), these interrelated firms promulgated a very distinct A-A church type easily identified by the prominent lantern that is missing in this view. Messrs Algernon Crapsey and W. R. Brown will prove to have been leaders in the A-A phenomenon—though in this case I can’t quite identify the architect in this case.

Their use of the lantern form was nearly ubiquitous, and its inclination to leak may have been just as widespread. They lanterns were removed on churches of theirs in Wilkes-Barre, PA and here in Bowling Green, OH.

Bowling Green, Ohio (11)

More later.

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