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Methodist Episcopal Church, Franklinton, NC

December 30, 2015


Designed by Philadelphia architect Benjamin D. Price and dedicated in 1891, the Methodist church in Franklinton looks very much as it did when new. Price had a good reputation with both the Methodist and Presbyterian denominations; several of his designs were featured in annual “catalogues” of church prototypes published by the unfortunately named Board of Church Erection.

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  1. Richard Cawthon permalink

    The name of the board that promoted and assisted the establishment and growth congregations of the Methodist Episcopal Church was the Board of Church EXTENSION. After working directly for that board for over a decade, Benjamin D. Price went into independent practice in 1889, and he published catalogs of plans under his own name for many years after that. This design is shown as plan #148 in his Catalogue of Church Plans of 1892, identified as having been designed for Franklinton, NC. The semi-octagonal Sunday School wing was a later addition.

    • With apologies to the Methodists, I’m in error: it was the Presbyterians (even more ironically) who maintained a “Board of Church Erection.”

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