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A pair of similar “type”

January 21, 2016

For your consideration, here are two churches — one Methodist and the other Christian (i.e., Disciples of Christ) — that are roughly contemporary but in very different places, Everest, Kansas and Corning, California. I pair them here to make a small point: that A-A churches (or suspected examples thereof) can behave identically, yet be wearing very different attire. Akron-Auditorium churches have been overlooked by art history largely because their disparity of “styles” often conceal plans, working interior spatial relationships, that are practically, functionally identical.

KSeverestXtian CAcorningUnk

The corner entries in each of these and the book-matched street facades suggest diagonal auditoria within, while the secondary masses on the left are likely to house the Sunday School. Note the secondary entrance at the joint between the sanctuary and Sunday School. These two postcards just happen to have been posted to eBay recently, but given a little time I could have found examples even more strikingly different in architectural style: ranging from Gothic Revival and Richardsonian Romanesque to Craftsman, Prairie School, and Churrigueresque.

The Akron-Auditorium is essentially a matter of function rather than style.

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