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Presbyterian Church, Mowrystown, OH

February 11, 2016


Mowrystown, OH   45155

Population (2013) — 354

The Akron-Auditorium phenomenon is significant for several reasons. My fascination with it and the thousands of examples I’ve accumulated in the database [2,130 as of this evening] is its place in the Progressive Movement and the rise of modern architecture. Form literally did follow Function. Despite the profusion of styles that “clothed” A-A churches, their massing clearly reflected the distribution and relationship between and among interior functions.

Also noteworthy has been its distribution across the American landscape: from America’s densest urban areas to hamlets like Mowrystown (354 people, more or less), its variations range from large, complex “institutional” churches equivalent to today’s 24/7 facilities to simpler versions like this Presbyterian church. Yes, this version is in brick masonry, but even more modest Carpenter Gothic churches dot the agricultural countryside.

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