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“The buses headed for Scranton travel in pairs.”

March 11, 2016

… perhaps they saw the Wendigo
or were eaten by bears.
this I know not, I only know
that buses headed for Scranton travel in pairs.”  — Ogden Nash

FLjacksonvilleBap FLjacksonvilleXtian

One of my favorite poems by one of America’s finest poets [Ogden Nash] has no particular application here, except that I was reminded of it by these two church formerly in Jacksonville, Florida. I have no idea who the architect(s) for these buildings was/were. But there does seem to be more than a simple family resemblance. Both of these buildings (Baptist and Christian) are gone, but look what the Baptists gave us instead. I’m overcome with a warm fuzzy feeling.


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  1. Richard Cawthon permalink

    According to Google Earth (as of November 2015), the old sanctuary of First Baptist Church still stands, at the northeast corner of West Church Street and Hogan Street. According to information about the building transcribed to a “” page (, the building (called Hobson Auditorium), was designed by H.J. Klutho and was built in 1903-04. The same page has information about the old Christian Church, saying that it was designed by Walter & Legare and was finished several months before the Baptist church.

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