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Two Methodist Episcopal churches in Winfield, KS

August 4, 2016


The “Methodist Belt” stretches from Ohio through Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa and into the Great Plains. And several communities in those states have multiple churches. In Winfield, Kansas you will find First UMC and its sister congregation Grace UMC.

First church is stylistically earlier, Romanesque Revival without being the least bit Richardsonian. It is also an obvious example of the A-B-a-b Combination Plan type — architect as yet unknown. It has been replaced.

Grace UMC is more difficult to label stylistically. Would you call it Collegiate Gothic? I might. Dedicated in 1919, at the very end of the Akron-Auditorium era, its architect was Ernest O. Brostrom, who I know from earlier work in Kansas City in a Jugendstil-ly vein. Grace is also on the National Register, which I mention because its description in the NR nomination offers no help whatsoever in understanding the interior organization.

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  1. Richard Cawthon permalink

    The architect of the First M.E. Church in Winfield was probably Thomas P. Barber (1862-1932), of Colorado Springs, who is documented as the architect for the very similar Montrose M.E. Church (now Montrose United Methodist Church) in Montrose, Colorado. Barber was probably also the architect of the old M.E. Church (not extant) in Hutchinson, Kansas, which has an almost identical design.

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