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Union Presbyterian Church, Schenectady, NY

September 9, 2016


Schenectady is in Upstate New York, not far from Albany. Union Presbyterian Church is Gothic Revival in detail but wholly original in form, with an octagonal sanctuary and what I presume was a Sunday School extending to the right, parallel to the street. The aging of Mainline Protestantism has taken its toll here, however: they have joined forces with another Presbyterian church in town and sold this building to Baptists. I had though this was an interior, but a visitor tells me it is Schenectady’s First Presbyterian.



Not incidentally, compare the Schenectady church with this one in Watertown, NY for St Paul’s Episcopal Church.


POSTSCRIPT: Mount Olivet Missionary Baptist Church now occupies the building, which still reads from the air as a sub-species of the A-A. The congregation doesn’t seem to have a website, but their FaceBook page has several interiors that provide glimpses of possible A-A characteristics.


The octagonal sanctuary looking toward the pulpit.


The “apse” end of the Sunday School assembly space. Classroom doors can be seen (just barely) on the left and right.


This seems to be a view from the pulpit looking back toward the Sunday School. I would have expected a larger opening.


Looking from the entry, through the vestibule, that large opening to the sanctuary appears in the left.

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  1. Thomas Anderson permalink

    The interior pictured above is not that of the former Union Presbyterian. It is of First Presbyterian, also in Schenectady, which dates to the 18th century.

  2. Thanks for that clarification. Are you aware of any interior views of Union?

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