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Christian Church, Selma, CA

October 4, 2016


Just for counterpoint, it can be useful to post a church as example of something other than A-A. I came upon this remarkable Christian church (Disciples of Christ?) in Selma, California. Who knew there even was a Selma, CA? I’ve seen an example of this “carpenter’s square” plan type before, in the U.K., I think, and perhaps the chapel of a hospital, sanitarium, or retirement home. The example vaguely in my recollection was split this way to separate the genders, the ill from the well, or the public from the inmates. Damned if I can remember. Suffice to say I love this building’s equivalence—no favorites played here, thank you very much. On second thought, however, from the air it may have more promise than I’d first imagined: behind that central entry in the building’s “crotch” there may be a diagonal sanctuary, which could permit either or both of the wings to be auxiliary space. Perhaps no authentic Akron Sunday School is involved, but it could be a “Combination Plan” of sorts.

Explorations like this often bring other buildings to light. I had blogged about Selma’s First Baptist Church over a year ago and promptly forgot. It’s no wonder I never get anything written.

Selma, by the way, is in the Central Valley, about midway between Fresno and Hanford. And we know someone from the latter community.


I hoped it would come to me; the memory isn’t as sharp as it once was. Here is the British example I had recalled: the chapel of the Edward VII Sanitarium at Midhurst, Sussex, UK. The architect was Percy Adams, a favorite Edwardian architect of mine, who partnered later with Charles Holden. That telltale checkerboard pattern is almost an Adams trademark.

One Comment
  1. I do enjoy the range of your knowledge.
    I went to the Midhurst sanitarium as a boy in the 1950s several times to visit my father who was a patient there – but have no memory of the chapel. Now I want to see more.
    When are you publishing ??

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