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Clinton Times Three

December 8, 2016

Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa each have a town named Clinton and each town is blessed with a number of potential A-A churches.


The Methodist church in Clinton, IN was designed by a leading proponent of the A-A type, Sidney Rose Badgley. The grade level entry at Fourth and Blackman streets brings you in beneath the chancel-altar area, then divides left and right to stairs that rise to the main auditorium level. At the far end of the worship space there are folding doors that lead into the Akron Sunday School, making a true A-1 plan type. Several photos from the church website give enough information to confirm it interior organization. The building was built in 1915 and has just celebrated its centennial.


Clinton, IL boasts a Presbyterian church that looks like to work of George Washington Kramer (but don’t quote me). As is often the case with Kramer, exterior symmetry is often undercut by a diagonal interior auditorium, such as the case here. At the far right of the interior view, I think there is/was the movable partition into the Sunday School.¹


Clinton, IA also has a fine Methodist church but one far more eccentric in style: Romanesque Revival without actually being Richardsonian. I’ve been by this building several times but never took the time to see the interior. Despite or perhaps because of that, I’m intrigued by the corner entry and that block of windows to the right, possible two floors of Sunday School close to the auditorium.


The camera pans far enough in one of the videos on their facebook page to show the wide door opening between auditorium and what must have been Sunday School.

¹ Incidentally, should you find yourselves driving in the vicinity of Clinton, Illinois, stop nd admire the Vespasian Warner Public Library, a Carnegie-era benefaction from local sources. It’s a good example of the Prairie style applied to the problem of the public library when so many chose the Classical Revival.

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