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Presbyterian Church, Greenwood, MS

January 21, 2017


Here is the first iteration of the current Presbyterian church in the Mississippi Delta community of Greenwood. I just lost an ebay auction for a card very much like this—except not. This is the church as it was built in 1904-1905. Twenty years later, more or less, it was doubled in size with the addition of a parallel unit to the left of what you see here. How the interior of the original may have been altered is unknown (to me). But the change in its exterior is so drastic as to make it nearly unrecognizable.


The tower has been lopped and the composition is nearly symmetrical, with a tower-gable-gap-gable-tower rhythm. It may be the original Sunday School was also altered at that time. The church website does use the phrase “Akron Plan” in its description of the 1904 building, though what they mean by that is also unknown.

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  1. Richard Cawthon permalink

    I have been inside both parts of this building. The original part, which was designed by R.H. Hunt of Chattanooga, has been extensively remodeled, with most of the original auditorium having been converted into a fellowship hall. The new sanctuary, built in 1925-26, has a conventional center-aisle plan.

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