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Christian Science Church, San Bernardino, CA

January 26, 2017


I post this out of sheer curiosity. Christian Science became a new denomination at the end of the 19th century, somewhat reluctantly I suspect because other denominations chose not to accept Mary Baker Eddy’s revelation. Many of its facilities were patterned in the Neo-Classical style, after the Mother Church in Boston. Chicago architect S.S. Beman, a convert to the new faith, design dozens, I suspect, including the former building here in Fargo. I also ran across a rather nice one in DeKalb, Illinois many years ago. Hope it’s still there.

This image of First Church of Christ, Scientist showed up in the over-nights on eBay this morning and I had to post it here, if for no other reason than the suggestion of a marvelous radial auditorium within. There are also cases — just a handful — where they also chose to build Akron Plan Sunday Schools but I have yet to find a genuine Combination Plan among them.

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