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University Methodist Church, Salina, KS

February 4, 2017


On the long drive from Austin, Texas home to Fargo, I stopped in Salina once several years ago to see two churches and was rewarded with a third: University UMC on the south side of town near Kansas Wesleyan University; makes sense, doesn’t it.

Knock out the plinth and put this Neo-Classical facade on grade and it could easily be the Post Office. I wonder what this says about Methodists a hundred years ago. The interior has a configuration somewhat like its twin on the north side. That church, First UMC, is closer in spirit to Louis Sullivan’s scheme for St Paul’s, Cedar Rapids, with its semi-circular auditorium. This one is a full cylinder. The architect of record is Fulton & Butler of Uniontown, PA, but there is an uncanny resemblance to the work of  W. T. Schmidt.

  1. Richard Cawthon permalink

    The architects of this building were William T. Schmitt [1880-1965], of Oklahoma City, and C.N. Sinclair. Schmitt was also the architect of First Methodist Church in Salina.

    • I knew about First UMC and for that reason found it hard to believe the link to F&B. Now I can’t find that reference.

      • Richard Cawthon permalink

        My source that Schmitt and Sinclair were the architects of the University church is the Kansas Historic Resources Inventory on-line database.

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