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Presbyterian Church, Kalamazoo, MI

April 2, 2017

Emerging as it did in the post-Civil War years, especially after 1880, it shouldn’t surprise me that there are so few A-A examples in boldly Victorian dress: the Victorian Gothic had peaked before the full-blown arrival of the Akron Plan. The auditorium plan is another matter, which I’ll explore another time.

This example of a Presbyterian church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has long since been replaced by a newer model, and the right-had end — which might have been the location of a Sunday school — is too small for genuine akron-icity. Perhaps I post this one as a test of the visual observations made before and a caution about whether these buildings really are A-A or whether I simply want them to be.

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  1. There is a nice history of the congregation and one small photo of the interior at this website:

    Which includes this paragraph:

    “On the evening of 6 July 1926, the third fire in four months to break out in the Brick Church tolled its death knell. Previous fires had been discovered near a motion picture projection booth and near the front end of the building. The final blaze left the church nothing but an empty brick hulk. It was the third big church fire in Kalamazoo that year. Previous arsons had destroyed the First Congregational and Methodist churches. In total, 14 fires had been set in Kalamazoo, 12 of them in churches or in buildings in which fraternal organizations held meetings. It is not known if these blazes were the work of one or of several persons.”

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