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Community Church, Garnett, KS

April 10, 2017

The hybridization of styles as they moved out from metropolitan areas and across the countryside is a large part of what makes the Akron-Auditorium phenomenon so interesting. Architects of note — that is, architects whose names register on the Richter Scale of architectural history, the Wrights and Whites of monographic fame — rarely played in the A-A sandbox, leaving the exploration of its possibilities to professionals of secondary reputation, if not lesser repute. [I make a subtle distinction here.] This Community church in east central Kansas might be called Carpenter Gothic or even Eastlake as the purer urban styles melded.

Garnett, by the way, has an especially fine Richardsonian Romanesque courthouse:

  1. Garnett’s Community Church probably never was on the cover of any design magazine, to be sure, but isn’t a mutt sometimes, the most beloved dog? Whoever the long forgotten architect was, he deserves a pat on the back for putting Romanesque-esque arches next to flat-topped lancet windows with a half-moon attic light under a trefoil spandrel against a Palladian window over a bracketed entrance porch with a carpenter Gothic steeple and still, getting it all just perfectly right.

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