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The Family Tree of Christianity

April 23, 2017

I am educated as an architect and function, of necessity, as an “architectural historian without portfolio” [meaning I have no credentials to do what I seem to be doing here]. So, equally of necessity, I have had to deal with the evolution of Protestant Christianity—even farther from my interests and inclinations. Perhaps you will bear with my flimsy knowledge of the nuances of the Protestant phenomenon, which has been the living laboratory for the Akron-Auditorium plan.

Methodism was the originator of the Akron Plan and played a key role in the parallel development of the auditorium sanctuary. But even within Methodism itself there is a complex lineage of divergence and merging. Witness this time line of Methodist-at-Large:

Compound this with the many other principal divisions of Protestantism and I hope you will cut me some slack for not distinguishing between and among some of these groups.

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