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Methodist Episcopal Church, Johnston, SC

April 26, 2017

This building served its congregation from 1913 until 1967 when it was replaced with a larger Colonial Revival design. What continues to amaze me is how wonderful pieces of architecture like this can disappear with out much trace: an on-line image search produced no results and the current church website provides dates but no images. As an unapologetic designer, the panels above the doors (which might be read as the three intertwined crosses of Golgotha?) and the triplets of window are handsome without being especially in-your-face showy. In another life, I’d have been proud to be its designer.

One Comment
  1. The detailing is handsome, bold and leaning toward a minimalist approach while still working in the brick-Gothic idiom. What a pity that (once again) the architect’s name is lost.

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