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Methodist Episcopal Church, Carthage, IL

April 28, 2017

This M.E. church in Carthage, Illinois is similar to many scattered from Indiana to Iowa. This was built in 1909, about the same time the city’s Baptists built their own facility two blocks east. This postcard shows the architect’s perspective drawing for the church; unfortunately, the name isn’t included. Still, it’s an exceptional rendering and came from someone with artistic ability. A follower of the blog (and fellow A-A enthusiast) has observed a similarity with the work of Badgley & Nicklas, who were indeed prolific.

Diagonally across the intersection (of Main and Marten streets), the Presbyterian church is remarkably similar.

UPDATE (29April2017): Two for comparison, the Methodist structures in Athens and Knoxville, TN:

  1. Richard Cawthon permalink

    This building was completed in 1907. The architects were Badgley & Nicklas.

  2. I was going to say Badgley & Nicklas too. See the almost identical Trinity ME Knoxville Tennessee, a.k.a. Luttrell Street M.E.

  3. Karen Arnold McPherson permalink

    Where did the Methodist congregation meet before this church was built? I have info that said my Hancock County ancestors were Methodists in the late 19th century.

    • Hi, Ms McPherson: I’m not certain, since most of my references to Akron-Auditorium church come from postcards purchased on eBay. Once it’s in hand, I do some googling to glean information about the building (date of construction, status, name of architect—which is rarely known), so I’ll have to check my sources, which may include information about the predecessor.

  4. Jo Ferguson permalink

    My ancester Norman Hobart might have been a pastor there in the 1830″s was wondering if you might have information back that far.

    • Hello: Thanks for stopping by. My interest in these buildings is primarily architectural. When they prove to be of the type I’m investigating, I do often look farther into their history and gather biographical information. is my go-to source. If I run into anything, I’ll let you know.
      Regards, Ron Ramsay

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