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Two in Northern Illinois

May 3, 2017

Serendipity comes at the oddest times. Otherwise it wouldn’t be serendipitous.

This postcard view of a Presbyterian church at Paw Paw, Illinois encouraged me to look for other images. That, in turn, brought me to a familiar eBay store with a 50% deal on the second of two cards. And that search led to  the image of a Methodist Episcopal church in Richmond, also a northern Illinois community. Google says they’re 89.8 miles apart, one hour and thirty-seven minutes travel time, which suggests the independence from one another.

OK, tell me I’m imagining things: despite slight differences in material — Paw Paw uses brick — they are essentially the same building. They could certainly be products of a plan book or catalogue but they might also be commissions from the same architect, or, as Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Pull down #53 and put a bay window in it for the lady.”

I love my work — even if no one else does.

UPDATE [04OCT2017]: The Richmond church has become a “Community” congregation, meaning multi-denominational.


  1. Cass Shannon permalink

    There is the English Congregational United Church in Big Rock, IL about 20 miles from Paw Paw that is almost identical to the church in Paw Paw.

    • Thanks for that reference. I’ll keep an eye out for postcard images and on-line information. Still haven’t identified the designer/architect of theses buildings.

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