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M. E. Church (South), Maysville, KY

May 10, 2017

This view of the M.E. Church (South) in Maysville, KY (on the Ohio, upstream from Cincinnati) highlights the often convoluted path to identification.

In and of itself, the card is interesting: limestone veneer is reserved for the principle elevation; notice how it turns to brick immediately around the corner. Also, there are cylindrical elements at two diagonally opposing corners (front right and rear left). It leaves the impression of having been “Phase I” of something intended to grow. Seeking more information, I’ve come up empty-handed on google. I did, however, find another church with a remarkably similar main elevation—Mayo Memorial UMC in Paintsville, KY.

Yes, there are significant differences. And the parameters of the Gothic Revival mandate many of their similarities and suggest others. I’m inclined to wonder about the parentage of these two buildings.

The Maysville building seems to have been replaced (by a Colonial Revival design) and tiny Paintsville boasts two UMC churches.

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