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Methodist Episcopal Church, Norwalk, CT

May 10, 2017

Connecticut has put excellent resources on line regarding not only its historic church, but also those that have become preservation issues. I’ve had postcard images of the UMC church in Norwalk for a long time. But this construction photo is interesting on its own. The current occupants are Macedonia Church, justly proud of their new historic facility.

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  1. The entry on the Organ Historical Society database suggests an interesting footnote on the Akron-Auditorium design. It appears the organ had a separate division installed in the Sunday School assembly area. The additional sets of pipes could be played from the main console in the main auditorium, but was also equipped with a small secondary console (keyboard and stops) in and for use solely in the “social hall.” What a perfectly logical and yet as far as I know, unique design!

    20 years later, when 12 volt electric controls for organs were ubiquitous, remotely located “echo divisions” were a bona fide fad.In the 1920’s and 1930’s prosperous churches bought “echo divisions” by the hundreds, but by then, the Akron design’s popularity was waning. I’ve never once run into an Akron Auditorium facility where the organ’s “echo division” was located in the social hall.

    And while on the topic, this organ used what was at that time cutting edge, pre-electric technology that has more in common with pneumatic thermostats than with traditional keyboard mechanisms. It apparently worked into the 1960s before being updated to low voltage electrical. .

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