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Several by J. C. Fulton

May 12, 2017

John C. Fulton carried on a substantial practice from Uniontown, Pennsylvania, about fifty miles south of Pittsburgh. Through aggressive marketing in church periodicals, he extended his practice as far as Puget Sound in Washington State. Closer to home, however, Fulton-designed churches can be found in several southwest communities in Pennsylvania.

These can be grouped in two types: ground-hugging Gothic Revival buildings, usually executed in rich red sandstone, and domed Classical Revival designs. Today I’m appreciating the Gothic Revival cluster, having visited at least a couple of them in recent years. Consider these five in Ridgway, Turtle Creek, Indiana, Kane (an attribution for the time being) and Waynesburg.

The McMaster building in Turtle Creek is confirmed by an AFB [advertisement for bids] of May 1910, yet the building bearing that name today is half the size of the building pictured here. Regardless, Fulton’s office had a remarkable command of both the later Gothic Revival and handling sandstone as a building material.

Make that “Six by Fulton”. Here’s one at Meadville I forgot. Let it not be said that Fulton’s churches were formulaic.



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