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Presbyterian Church, Albuquerque, NM

May 26, 2017

Newer states, states enjoying the often uncomfortable growth of territorial status at the turn of the century, were ripe for introduction of Akron-Auditorium types. Their earliest settlers often came from Midwestern and Great Plains states where the movement was already widespread and it may be that such a “new” idea coincided with their self image as Progressive additions to the national family. A church like this Presbyterian facility can be understood in that context.

First Presbyterian was constructed in 1905 (just seven years prior to statehood), a substantial testimony of their faith in the community’s growth. Despite its size and evident Akron Sunday school wing, however, the photograph makes the building seem flat, almost cardboard. Perhaps I see too many student projects fabricated on our department’s laser cutter; this appears to me to be more a model than an actual piece of architecture.

One Comment
  1. You’re right. While showing a solid budget and some interesting touches, the designer’s hand here looks inexperienced with Gothic detailing.

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