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Baptist Church, Dewey, OK

June 12, 2017

Richard Kenyon, a good friend of the project, has sent a considerable amount of information on churches in Oklahoma, the state where we met while studying architecture. [He became an architect; I didn’t.] As often happens, following his leads took me to other examples, like the diminutive Baptist church in the small community of Dewey, Oklahoma — about which I’ve been able to locate practically nothing other than this intriguing photograph.

Like the comparably small church in Armstrong, Missouri, this is an octagon with appendages, though in this case only three of them appear, rather than Armstrong where there are eight of them. Dewey is, therefore, not quite so “pure” but is interesting nonetheless. Placing this example in the typology will be a leap of faith.

Who knew that Orson Squire Fowler might have touched the A-A phenomenon.

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