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Congregational Church (again), Appleton, WI

July 18, 2017

The Congregational church (now UCC) in Appleton, WI is gone but remains an important example of the Akron-Auditorium phenomenon, if for no other reason that its architect Warren Howard Hayes. From his relocated office in Minneapolis — he came from upstate New York — Hayes designed churches in many states, nearly all of the A-A in style and function, before his death in 1899 at the age of fifty-two. I’ve written here before about his Appleton church but it comes to mind again as I’m searching for other examples. Consider the varieties of representation offered us:

Here is its image from the American Architect & Building News of 18 February 1888 and another hand-colored at a later date (for the interior decoration market). The colorant probably never inspected the church firsthand, nor investigated on-line; they simply chose to make the roof blue-ish and the masonry in terracotta red and yellow. Now consider the image I published before, a tinted card produced hundreds, if not thousands, of miles from Appleton. At least they have taken fewer liberties with striking color contrasts.

Now look at three more views and imagine the vast differences in perception presented by printing methods and the photographer’s vantage point:

Under normal, more casual circumstances, we might imagine these to be three different buildings, though perhaps by the same architect. If nothing else, this causes me to think more carefully when I write about buildings that are gone or which I’ve never visited.

One Comment
  1. Sadly, this building was razed winter 1968 – 1969. You can be certain their new facility did not measure up to the style and charm of this one.

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