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Christian Church, Marion, IL

July 20, 2017

Marion was a popular name for towns across the Midwest: there is one in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. The Christian church in Marion, IL is compact, efficient, non-traditional and city-centered, possibly dating from the 1910s. The front elevation could easily be mistaken for an armory. I show it here in an RPPC and a colored lithographic view.

Just for grins, here is the armory in Nevada, Missouri. Except for the medieval-esque crenelations, they are remarkably similar.

The doesn’t seem to be a web presence for the current congregation, nor are there any interior views. But the window configuration on the side elevation bespeaks an interesting interior organization which wouldn’t prohibit A-A status.

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  1. David W. Jent permalink

    The First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Marion, Illinois, traces its earliest organization back to the home of Elijah and Elizabeth Spiller, in 1841. The present structure as depicted in the images above was built during the ministry of the Rev. John I. Gunn, and first services held in it during the year 1914. On April 11, 1927, the interior of the present building was ravaged by fire. The church interior was rebuilt and on March 25, 1928, the sanctuary was rededicated.

    In 1982, the church was refurbished with the sanctuary being painted blue and white with gold trim. Hand carved wood of days gone by graces the baptistry. Artistic Gothic stained glass windows compliment the building of the church and they have been refurbished and dedicated to the original founding families. An old brick fireplace greets visitors and members as they ascend the stairs in the front foyer of the church. During its heyday, the once bustling church of downtown Marion had over 500 members and its balcony was often filled to capacity.

    Elegant drop chandeliers hang from the ornamented ceilings of the church which consists of two stories. The basement contains educational rooms, a library, a kitchen, and restroom facilities. The first floor contains the sanctuary with a complimenting pipe organ, church offices and a nursery. The balcony and additional educational rooms are on the second floor. Still a vibrant and active congregation, that celebrates its rich history and existing facility through worship and the preservation of its future.

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