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Methodist Episcopal Church, Corning, NY

July 28, 2017

A hundred years ago, this postcard would have excited me: a beautiful relatively new building rendered in full color. But compare it with an actual photograph taken recently and see how much life is lacking in the postcard view


The richness and intensity of color in real materials, especially the terracotta, is difficult to reproduce. I’m guessing this looks even better in person. Perhaps the Halsey Wood project will take me to this part of New York State again.

Information on date and architect will have to wait. The building has been included in a National Register historic district but the nomination form is not on-line.

  1. There is a photo of the interior at this website. The building has suffered a decidedly bourgeois remodeling (looking like an architectural emasculation). In the photo’s lower right corner you’ll find an utterly charming surprise.

  2. Thanks, Will. I have to begin checking the Organ Society page more regularly.

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