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M. E. Church, Kingston, NY (1.2)

December 11, 2017

The project’s roving reporter Richard Kenyon has sent considerable information from his recent trips to and from the West Coast adding several new examples to the database and improving what we knew of some others. Among them (from a more recent local field trip) is St James UMC at Pearl and Fair streets in Kingston, NY.

St James is an iconic example of the considerable body of work by architect G. W. Kramer—whose obituary claimed he had designed more than two thousand churches, a good many of them for Methodists. Richard was fortunate to be allowed inside by church staff who are clearly proud of their building AND the high level of its maintenance. Congregational attitudes toward the A-A tend to be polar opposites: the buildings are either loved or loathed. I’d say the former, in this case.

Other than having painted out what might have been a more characteristic late Victorian color scheme (with stenciling in murky shades of olive, pumpkin and mauve), the building’s physical condition is remarkable, especially for a structure older that one hundred years. We call you attention to three things: 1) the unusual serpentine green building stone, 2) the movable partition in the auditorium, which is still operable, and 3) a fully intact Akron Sunday school in the less common rectangular configuration.


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