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Birkett Memorial Baptist Church, Detroit, MI

December 29, 2017

Birkett Mem’l Baptist Church (1919), Detroit, MI

Innovative non-traditional designs aren’t limited to larger urban areas but they’re a good place to look.

Birkett Memorial church in Detroit was a Black Baptist congregation who built this remarkable structure in 1919-1920. It served several subsequent groups and was eventually demolished in 2016, derelict and probably beyond hope. Interior photos from “the end” show an auditorium plan but little evidence of the Sunday school, so it’s included here with reservations.

The church in 2011.


UPDATE[14SEP2018]: Thanks to a canny reader, there is an update and correction. Birkett was not founded as an African American congregation.

  1. Margaret Backstrand permalink

    Church was not originally a black Baptist church. My parents were charter members of the church when I was growing up in the 1940-1950’s.

    • Hello, Ms Backstrand: Thanks for your correction. Not sure what information we found led me to draw that conclusion. You don’t happen to have photographs of the church in happier times?

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