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Presbyterian Church, Cawker City, KS

March 4, 2018

I’ll be the first to admit that several churches have made it into this database simply because I find them interesting. Yes, having some claim to A-A characteristics helps but others are here, like this former Presbyterian church in Cawker City, Kansas, fascinate because of their shape; as a designer I’m guilty of being a form-giver.

The image of the Cawker City church above reveals very little, other than a corner entry and, therefore, probably a diagonal auditorium. I’ve seen this card several times but wasn’t interested enough to bid on it. Then I found the card below—also a shitty photograph, I admit—which hints at something far more remarkable in the pure pyramidal shape with towers at two opposite corners. Taken together, they suggest something far more intriguing than either one of them alone.

The church is gone.

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